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標題: 最佳化高耐壓絕緣閘雙極性電晶體邊緣終端區結構之研究
Study of the Optimum Terminal Structures for High Voltage IGBT
作者: 王曉君
Wang, Hsiao-Chun
關鍵字: IGBT;絕緣閘雙極性電晶體;Guard Ring;Field Plate;保護環;浮動場板
出版社: 電機工程學系
IGBT 是 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor 之簡單化用語 。絕緣閘雙極性電晶體是現今最為廣泛使用在電力電子產品的功率元件。它結合了金氧半電晶體的絕緣閘結構及雙極性電晶體的導通特性,同時具有易於驅動及高輸出電流密度等特性。在本篇論文中,我們將針對高壓絕緣閘雙極性電晶體元件中的邊緣終端區結構部份作研究。在邊緣終端接面的耐壓會受到許多參數的影響而不易掌握,尤其在高耐壓條件下,要達到節省面積且又能同時滿足可靠度之要求,必須要有非常準確之模擬模型。

IGBTs is a abbreviation of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, which are extensively applied at the power device of power electronics product. It combines the insulated gate structure of MOSFET and the conductive characteristic of Bipolar Transistors, with both the characters of easy driving and the high current density output. In this thesis, we will study the high voltage IGBTs, mainly aimed at terminal ring structures for high voltage IGBT design. Terminal junction breakdown voltage is affected by many parameters and is difficult to control. Especially on the high voltage range, to simultaneously meet the requirements of area saving and the reliability concern, makes simulation design job very difficulty.
In this study, we first analyzed the influence of Guard Ring on the breakdown voltages, and find out that improper Guard Ring design will cause unstable breakdown phenomenon, and therefore influence the reliability of device. We also studied the influence of field oxide thickness on breakdown voltage, and find out the optimal field oxide thickness. The effect of guard ring junction depth is also investigated, the optimum ring structures and ring junction depth is adopted to get the optimal result. We have completed a simulation work to get an optimal terminal structure for a high voltage IGBT device that can reach breakdown voltage of 1200V.
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