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標題: 以PC為基礎之雙軸太陽能板感測追日系統製作
Design and Manufacture of a PC-Based Two-Axis sun Seeker with Solar Cell Sensors
作者: 洪敏洲
洪敏洲, Min-Zhou Hung
關鍵字: Sun seeker system;追日系統;Solar azimuth;Graphical Monitoring Software;太陽方位;圖控軟體
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文建立一套結構簡單的追日系統,包含感測器、I/O 介面、以及步進馬達整合雙軸機構,實現一套自主式太陽行進軌跡追蹤系統,以追蹤太陽方位角來調整太陽能發電系統的受光面,在任何時間和地點下,使太陽能光電板與陽光保持垂直,而達到最大的發電效率。本系統採用雙軸設計,分別控制水平角度和仰角角度,以電腦作為系統的控制器,利用四個太陽感測片的電壓差,來判斷太陽方位,經步進馬達移動後,快速鎖定太陽直射方位。硬體是由太陽感測片、資料擷取卡、步進馬達、驅動電路、雙軸旋轉平臺及一台監控電腦等所組成,採用LabVIEW圖控軟體。

The main purpose of this research is to set up a simple sun seeker system, which consists of solar sensors, I/O interfaces, and stepper motors. It is a two-axis structure, which controls horizontal angle and elevation angle independently to trace the solar azimuth in the daytime at any location. This sun seeker can be mounted to a solar energy system, as a means of keeping the solar panels perpendicular to the sunray so as to reach the maximum efficiency. Four solar sensors are placed on top of the sun seeker. They provide four voltages for the sun seeker to determine the sun''s position. As the stepper motors move,the normal directions of the solar sensors change accordingly. The control objective is to adjust the normal direction of a specific solar sensor to coincide with the solar azimuth. The hardware is composed of the solar sensing piece, data acquisition card, stepping motor, drive circuits, two-axis rotational platform and a monitor, The control program is developed by way of LabVIEW.
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