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標題: 切換磁阻馬達之低成本可變結構最短時間電流控制器
A Low-Cost Variable Structure Minimum-Time Optimal Current Controller of A Switched Reluctance Motor
作者: 邱志強
Chiu, Chih-Chiang
關鍵字: Variable Structure Control;可變結構控制;Minimum-Time Optimal Control;Switched Reluctance Motor;最短時間最佳控制;切換磁阻馬達
出版社: 電機工程學系
本文主旨在利用可變結構控制法則達到最短時間電流最佳控制。 經由切換磁阻馬達數學模型之分析與控制理論之推導,證明本文之可變結構控制與最短時間最佳控制命令相符。 此兩種控制法則帶來的的一致性,表示此控制法則將同時具有最短時間(最佳控制)、忍受參數變化能力與外在雜訊抑制(可變結構控制)之優秀效能。 為了未來實際應用所設計之低成本的系統架構,經過實驗的驗證得到,本文的可變結構控制法則確實能達到改善切換磁阻馬達力矩漣波與非線性的特性。

A variable structure control (VSC) approach to the minimum-time optimal current control is presented. After reviewing the dynamic model of the four-phase 8/6 poles switched reluctance motor (SRM), this VSC approach is proven to be also minimum-time. The coincidence endows the proposed control law with both the properties of time optimality (Pontryagin's minimum principle) along with parameter insensitivity and disturbance rejection (variable structure control method). The experimental results designed with low-cost hardware configuration show that the VSC is effective in dealing with the torque ripple and the nonlinearity of the SRM.
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