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標題: 渦電流煞車裝置之建構與分析研究
Study on an Eddy Current Braking System
作者: 李志杰
關鍵字: 渦電流
出版社: 電機工程學系

This research implements, analyses and verifies an eddy current braking system.The eddy current braking system includes DC servo motor(edcoder inside)、belt、pulley、shaft、shaft bearing、electromagnet and Aluminium circular disc…etc. Motive power of the eddy current braking system is provided by the DC servo motor,via the belt and the pulley and then put the Aluminium circular disc in motion. DC current generator inputs the electromagnet current to effect the magnetic field and then inductes the eddy current braking torque above the Aluminium circular disc .Then the rotating speed of the disc will be slowdown. Signal measuring and processing depends on DAQ card and LabVIEW of NI company.By way of experiment, we can find that the theory derivation matches the experiment result.
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