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標題: 嵌入式視訊隨選應用程式之開發
Development of an Embedded Video-on-Demand Application
作者: 黃志揚
Huang, Jr Yang
關鍵字: VOD;視訊隨選系統;Embedded system;Wireless network;Hand-held device;嵌入式系統;無線網路;手持裝置
出版社: 電機工程學系
視訊隨選系統是一種由使用者所主導的視訊選擇系統,使用者可以依據個人喜好選擇任何的視訊節目。現今一般視訊隨選系統大多使用在一般桌上型電腦上,由於體積笨重行動上不方便、不夠輕巧攜帶。基於這樣的想法,我們提出以視訊隨選為主題,配合嵌入式系統客制化特性,並結合無線網路的傳輸開發一套可攜式的視訊隨選系統手持裝置,讓未來出門在外也能享受到相同的服務功能。 在本文中,我們將介紹視訊隨選系統的架構及client / server端具備的功能和其他應用。說明如何使用嵌入式平台,系統與程式建構和移植方法,最後以實作方式呈現系統功能並說明結果。

The VOD (Video On Demand) system is a client-oriented video system, in which users can choose any video program according to the personal taste. The general VOD system mostly is used on desktop computer now. Due to the volume is cumbersome and inconvenient in the action , it's not light and portable enough. Because of such an idea, we propose Video-On-Demand to use as a topical subject, cooperate with customize characteristic of embedded system, and integrate wireless network transmission to develop a portable hand-held device of VOD system, let we can enjoy the same service function outsize in the future. In this paper, we will introduce the VOD structure and client / server end functions and other applications. Explain how to use the embedded platform , the construct method of the system and the program. Finally we will implement to show the system function and illustrate results.
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