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標題: 在SandgateIII平台上開發一遠端監控系統
Development of A Remote Monitor System on The SandgateIII Platform
作者: 林玉書
Lin, Yu-Shu
關鍵字: Remote Monitor;遠端監控;Cell-phone;PDA;Hand-held Device;Windows CE;手機;PDA;手持式裝置;Windows CE
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文開發了一套應用於手持式裝置的遠端監控系統,而開發平台的主要作業系統為Windows CE。本系統中有三個主要應用功能:遠端視訊監看、遠端電視觀看、遠端電腦控制。經由本系統可以讓使用者觀看遠端資訊並存取控制遠端電腦,這對忙碌的現代人可說是一個便利的系統,只要有網路不管是在何地,都能讓使用者使用身邊的手持或其他上網裝置即可輕易控制遠端服務。

Nowadays the Remote Monitor has been applied to a lot of fields gradually, such as school, home, enterprise, telemedicine, information appliance control and so on. Due to the popularity of broadband network and digital products, users can accesses wired or wireless network by their cell-phone, PDA or hand-held devices, and that makes the remote monitor application is no longer difficult to be realized .
This paper has build a system applied to the handheld device, and the platform of main operating system is Windows CE. There are three main functions in this system: Remote Webcam Monitor, Remote TV Watch and Remote Computer Control. The system allows the user to view the remote-information and to access the remote computer, so life becomes more convenient to the busy modern people. No matter where you are, the system can be easily controlled by handheld and other networking devices.
其他識別: U0005-0607200701002000
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