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標題: 兩種新M-ary跳時超寬頻系統調變方法的效能分析
Performance Evaluation of Two Novel Modulation Schemes for M-ary TH-UWB Systems
作者: 黃盛田
Huang, Shen-Tian
關鍵字: 超寬頻;ultra-wideband (UWB);跳時;多使用者干擾;錯誤率分析;無線通訊;time-hopping (TH);multiple access interference (MAI);error analysis;wireless communication
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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在這篇論文, 我們提出了兩個新的跳時超寬頻系統. 第一個新系統稱為“沒有細片新M-元跳時脈衝位置調變超寬頻系統”; 第二個新系統稱為“多脈衝波新M-元跳時脈衝位置調變超寬頻系統”. 兩個新系統的模擬和分析是在有多個使用者干擾的白色高斯雜訊通道中進行. 系統分析的方法是以機率中的特性方程式為基礎, 並且這個方法比傳統高斯分析的方法準確很多, 高斯分析方法很明顯地低估了符號間錯誤率. 兩個新系統和傳統系統的比較是以符號間錯誤率來判別系統的優劣. 結果顯示兩個新系統的效能會比傳統系統優越很多, 並且第二個新系統的參數有更多的選擇來調整. 所以在效能上第二個新系統會比第一個新系統好.

In the thesis, we propose two new kinds of time-hopping (TH) ultra-wideband (UWB) systems. The first new system is called "Without chip width (WCW) new M-ary TH-PPM UWB system" the second new system is called "Multi-pulses (MP) new M-ary TH-PPM UWB system". The simulations and analyses of two new systems are presented in an additive white Gaussian noise environment with multiple-access interference. The analysis method is based on characteristic function, and the method is more accurate than conventional Gaussian approximation method which definitely underestimates the symbol error rates (SERs). The performance of two new systems and conventional TH-PPM UWB system are compared in terms of SER. It is shown that the two new system outperform the conventional M-ary TH-PPM UWB system, and the second new system has more choices of parameter to adjust than the first one, so the SER performance of the second new system can be better than the first new system.
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