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標題: 全球教育中之性別差異
The Gender Differences in the Global Education
作者: 劉瑞圓
Liu, Jui-Yuan
關鍵字: 全球教育;Global Education;性別差異;男孩危機;學業成就;科學教育;Gender Differences;Boys' Crisis;Academic Achievements;Science Education
出版社: 臺中市: 國立中興大學師資培育中心
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 11, Issue 1, Page(s) 79-104.
Globalization has already become a mainstream in the 21st century. Its influences include the social system and the living conditions, and the education is no exception. Since the international competition becomes more and more intense, increasing the national competiveness by enhancing the quality of manpower has become a main concern in educational reforms for all countries. And the educational accountability has becomes an important evaluation in the international competition. The investigation of students' achievements shows the global trend that girls' achievements are superior to boys'. Besides the girl-superior subjects, such as languages, girls' academic performances in mathematics and science are better than boys'. Although girls' performances are not worse than boys', the leaky pipeline phenomenon still exists, which shows that small percentage of females with higher education has the chance to take part in the science field.The main method used in this study is literature analysis. First, it reviews the related literature about the trend of global education which shows the educational features and developments of different countries. Second, it observes the phenomenon that girls' achievements in learning and international assessments are better than boys'. The study intends to discuss the gender stereotyping in science education and to devise and implement strategies to reduce the influence of gender stereotyping in educational environments.

全球化(Globalization)是本世紀的主要趨勢,影響層面涵括人類的社會制度與生活環境,教育亦無法自絕於外。隨著國際競爭加劇,提高人力品質以增加國家競爭力成為各國教育改革的主軸,教育績效之提升成為國際競爭的評比要項。在全球各國進行教育改革之際,學生的學業成就呈現女生優於男生的全球化趨勢,不論是女生較強的語文科目,連數學、自然等科目,女生的表現都比男生佳。但從另一角度觀察,固然女生的表現不遜於男生,在科學界仍然存在著隨著學術階層愈高,女性參與比例愈低的管漏現象(leaky pipeline phenomenon)。本文採用文獻分析法,首先探討全球教育發展概況,了解各國的教育特色;再則,觀察各國學生在學業成就及國際測驗中,女生成績優於男生之現象;進而反思科學教育現場中之性別刻板待遇並尋求解決方法,以期使學生不論性別皆能適性發展。
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