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標題: 互動式電子白板在英語教學過程中對學習成就與學習態度之影響
Impact of Interactive Whiteboard on Student's Learning Achievement and Learning Attitudes in English Teaching Process
作者: 蔡文榮
Tsay, Timothy Wen-Rong
Tsai, Pei-Guin
關鍵字: 電子白板;Interactive Whiteboard;學習成就;學習態度;國小英語教學;IWB;Learning Achievement;Learning Attitude;Elementary English Teaching
出版社: 臺中市: 國立中興大學師資培育中心
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 11, Issue 2, Page(s) 69-91.
This study aimed at investigating the impact of interactive whiteboard (IWB) in English teaching upon elementary students, in terms of learning achievement and learning attitude. This research was to analyze the differences of pretest and posttest of Learning Achievement Test and Learning Attitude Scale. The subjects of this study were two classes of fifth-grade students from a given public elementary school in Taichung. The control group was taught in a traditional manner. In experimental group, the instructional materials include textbook of Kang-Hsuan, and its bundle interactive e-book, WOW6. In addition, the above materials were implemented in IWB platform. Before the implementation of this study, a pretest of Learning Attitude Scale was administered and scores of midterm examination were treated as their pretest for their learning achievement. Then, it came the 6-week experimental teaching, while it lasted 2 hours a week. After six weeks of experiment, a posttest of Learning Attitude Scale was administered whereas their scores on the final examination were treated as their posttest for their learning achievement. After running a statistical procedure of t-test, this study had the following conclusions: 1. IWB-integrated English teaching made a significant difference upon learning achievement in experimental group, while there is no significant difference between experimental group and control group. 2. Subjects showed a significant confidence after 6-week experiment. 3. Subjects showed their positive attitude toward IWB-integrated English. Finally, the researchers provide several recommendations to elementary school English teachers and further research for reference.

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