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標題: 多速率跳頻無線通訊系統之設計及效能分析
Design and Performance Analysis for Multi-Rate MFSK/FH-CDMA Wireless Communication Systems
作者: 陳俊傑
Chen, Jun-Jie
關鍵字: Wireless Communication Systems;無線通訊系統;Frequency-Hopping Systems;跳頻通訊系統
出版社: 電機工程學系

Most studies on multilevel frequency-shift keying/frequency-hopping code-division multiple-access (MFSK/FH-CDMA) wireless
systems are assumed to support only one type of medium.
It is expected a flexible support of multi-media services with
different quality requirements in the future wireless systems.
In this thesis, an FH-CDMA technique is proposed to provide multi-rate services by varying the number of hopping frequencies per chip assigned to a user. This new scheme can support the multi-rate services without resulting in the reduction of sequence consumption. The performance of the new multi-media MFSK/FH-CDMA wireless systems is analyzed.
Our results show that the proposed scheme is useful for FH-CDMA
wireless systems with multi-media services. Furthermore, a new construction of FH patterns, which is called generalized concatenated prime codes, has been provided for MFSK/FH-CDMA systems. We have constructed P^3-P FH patterns with
length P^3 and maximum cross-correlation of four.
These P^3-P FH patterns can be partitioned into P(P+1) groups, and the maximum cross-correlation in each group can be reduced to one. For this characteristic, we assign FH patterns in the same group first to the users within the system to gain optimal performance. Owing to the low cross-correlation property, the new designed codes will be useful in future wireless communication systems.
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