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標題: 在第三代行動通訊網路中多媒體服務以QoS為導向的頻寬管理機制
QoS Oriented Bandwidth Management Scheme for Multimedia Services in the third generation mobile communications networks
作者: 王偉仁
Wang, Wei-Zen
關鍵字: QoS;服務品質;Call admission control;Preemption;Deprivation;Time slot scheduling;DWPS;連結允許控制;優先使用權;剝奪;時槽多工分配;動態加權封包多工
出版社: 電機工程學系
在未來無線個人通訊系統中,系統被期望以有保證的服務品質去提供無線使用者廣泛的多媒體服務,包括CBR、VBR、ABR以及UBR流量類別的服務。我們提出一個修改過後的頻寬管理機制來有效地保證在第三代行動通訊網路中不同服務的QoS,而這個頻寬管理機制包括了使用Guard Channel方法的連結允許控制(Call Admission Control,CAC)機制,以及在CDMA/TDD系統下同時利用分時(Time-division)與分碼(Code-division)多工技巧來有效地分配無線連結上的時槽(Time slot)給各種不同流量形式(Traffic type)的無線使用者的時槽多工分配機制。對於CAC我們分別增加了優先使用權(Preemption)及剝奪(Deprivation)這兩個方法來改善通道使用率及降低進來使用者中的Handoff call失敗機率。至於所提出的多工分配機制主要是依照每一個使用者的 QoS要求來分配時槽,而且為了讓整個多工機制更有彈性,我們選擇依據DQRUMA 協定考慮現在每一個使用者的流量情況來做動態的多工分配時槽。

In the future wireless personal communications systems, the systems are expected to provide a wide range of multimedia services including CBR, VBR, ABR, and UBR traffic type for mobile users with guaranteed quality of service. We propose a modified bandwidth management scheme to guarantee the QoS of various type of services in the third generation mobile communications networks. The proposed bandwidth management scheme consists of the call admission control (CAC) scheme that makes use of guard channel method and the time slot scheduling scheme simultaneously utilizing time-division and code-division multiplexing technique. The time slot scheduling scheme can efficiently allocate time slot of wireless links to mobile users of various traffic type in the CDMA/TDD systems. For the CAC, preemption and deprivation are added to increase the channel utilization and reduce the failure probability of handoff calls. Furthermore, the important part of proposed scheduling scheme is to allocate time slots based on the QoS requirements of each user. To make the scheduling scheme more flexibly, we dynamically allocate the time slots for each user according to the different traffic condition based on DQRUMA protocol.
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