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標題: 雙倍取樣100MS/s10位元之全雙端雙管線式 類比轉數位轉換器
Doubled Sampling 100MS/s 10 Bit Fully Differential Pipelined Analog to Digital Convert
作者: 陳柏予
Chen, Po-Yu
關鍵字: Pipelined;管線式
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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摘 要

為了設計高速CMOS 雙倍取樣雙管道線的類比/數位轉換器電路(100MS/s 10位元),信號從一3.0伏特擺動的100 MS/s,1-Vpp的取樣率,雜訊考量,使用全雙端雙倍取樣保持電路及全雙端MDAC電路是為必要。電路中使用共同分享的運算放大器電路,
全部類比電路是用全雙端 ,1Vpp輸入信號和3.0 V供給電壓。這晶片經由Hspice設計,佈局及製作並且測試完成。總晶片面積是1.5mm x1.5mm,在TSMC 0.18um 1P6M 3V CMOS技術完成晶片製作。 合標準的執行在轉換速度(100MHz)包括頂峰SNDR大約43分貝。最大的轉換速度(100MHz)的功率耗損是180 mW。


The goal of this design is to develop a high-speed CMOS Pipelined ADC circuit (10-bit 100MS/s). The target specifications were set as follows: 10-bit resolution, a sampling rate is 100 MS/s, 1-Vpp differential signal swing from a 3.0-volt supply, The differential structure is almost a necessity in S/H and MDAC circuit.The two channels of double sampled pipelined ADC were share a common opamp. Let two S/H circuit and two MDACs circuit were share a common opamp .
The applications of this ADC are focused on the high resolution Sensor System and the wireless communications. Based on the switched capacitor (SC) technique, the pipelined architecture has most successfully exploited the features of CMOS technology in realizing high-speed high-resolution ADCs. An analysis of the effects of the supply voltage and technology scaling on SC circuits is carried out, and it shows that benefits can be expected. The operational amplifier is a central building block in SC circuits, and thus a comparison of the topologies.
All analog circuits are fully differential with a 1Vpp input signal and 3.0V power
supply. This chip has been designed, laid out, fabricated, and tested completely. The total chip area is 1.4 x 1.4 mm in TSMC 0.18um 1P6M 3V CMOS logic technology. The measured performance included a peak SNDR about 43dB at conversion rate (100MHz). The power dissipation at the maximum conversion rate (100MHz) is 180mW.
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