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標題: Survey+of+plant+resources+and+proposition+of+ecological+restoration+in+Tungshih+Forest+Station
作者: 邱清安
Chiu, Ching-An
Tzeng, Hsy-Yu
Wang, Chun-Min
Wu, Yi-Hung
Tzeng, Yen-Hsueh
關鍵字: Tungshih Forest Station;東勢林場;vascular plant inventory;vegetation analysis;forest ecosystem restoration;維管束植物清單;植群分析;森林生態復育
出版社: 臺中市: 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 34, Issue 1, Page(s) 13-38.
東勢林場是中興大學實驗林之一,為經營管理與試驗研究亟須瞭解其植物資源現況。本研究之物種清單共記錄維管束植物106科259屬337種,包括18種特有種、9種稀有植物。由生態氣候圖、植物生活型譜與蕨類商數之分析顯示,本區氣候偏屬亞熱帶且冬季較為乾燥。東勢林場現生植群(不含果園及樟樹、大葉桃花心木等造林地)分析結果計可劃分為4型:(Ⅰ) 相思樹型(含麻竹–江某亞型、相思樹亞型、香楠亞型、樟樹亞型);(Ⅱ) 山黃麻型(含青剛櫟亞型、山黃麻亞型、稜果榕亞型);(Ⅲ) 臺灣欒樹型;(Ⅳ) 楓香型;這些植群型主要為不同強度之干擾後所形成的次生林,於近溝谷或陡峭處則保有較多原生樹種。東勢林場大部分較平坦之承租地殆已開發為果園,但已逐步收

Tungshih Forest Station is one of experimental forest stations of National Chung Hsing
University. The survey of plant resources is necessary for management and science. In this paper, the
inventory lists totally 106 families, 259 genera, and 337 species vascular plants, including 18 endemic and
9 rare species. The results of ecological climate diagram, plant life-form spectra, and pteridophyte quotient
reveal Tungshih Forest Station is subtropical climate and slightly arid in winter. The vegetation, except
the orchard and Cinnamomum camphora and Swietenia macrophylla plantations, could be divided into 4
types: (I) Acacia confusa type (including Dendrocalamus latifl orus–Scheffl era octophylla subtype, Acacia
confusa subtype, Machilus zuihoensis subtype, Cinnamomum camphora subtype), (II) Trema orientalis type(including Cyclobalanopsis glauca var. glauca subtype, Trema orientalis subtype, Ficus septica subtype),
(III) Koelreuteria henryi type, (IV) Liquidambar formosana type. On the whole, the vegetation in Tungshih
Forest Station is the secondary forest following disturbances of different intensities. And native trees mainly
remained in the ravine and steep. The economic forest, landscape forest, and near-nature forest could
be considered as the future afforesting objectives. The results of this research could contribute to select
the suitable tree species to afforest in the site for enhanceing productivity and biodiversity and provide
suggestions for forest ecosystem restoration in Tungshih Forest Station and also in the central west inland
region of Taiwan.
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