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標題: 雪山翠池地區玉山圓柏林林分結構
作者: 林志銓
Lin, Chih-Chuan
Tzeng, Hsy-Yu
Wang, Chih-Chiang
Tsai, Shang-Te
Lu, King-Cherng
關鍵字: 玉山圓柏;Juniperus morrisonicola Hay.;林分結構;負指數函數;生長階段;削減率;Tree characteristics;Stand structure;negative exponential function;diminished rate
出版社: 臺中市: 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 34, Issue 1, Page(s) 53-62.

Juniperus morrisonicola (juniper tree) forest community at Cuei-Chih Area in Mt. Shye of
Taiwan, according to physiognomy and composition it can be divided into 3 categories of sites as following
arbor forest, ecotone between J. morrisonicola and Abies kawakamii, and krummholz. In this paper, the
class of diameter at breast height (DBH) of J. morrisonicola and A. kawakamii in the sample plots were
surveyed. The results showed that the diameter distributions of trees including J. morrisonicola and A.
kawakamii at arbor forest and ecotone sites were exhibited as inverse J-shaped. According to DBH size, both of J. morrisonicola individuals at arbor forest and econtone sites can be divided into 3 growth stages
that were as early stage (ES), middle stage (MS) and late stage (LS) respectively. Here we can see a trend
in diminished rate of these 3 growth stages, as highest diminished rate in ES, followed by LS and MS. The
slope of simple regression of the density-diameter distribution on the Semi-log graph can be revealed the
decreasing rate at different growth stages. It reflected the phenomenon of asymmetric U-shaped mortality in
the J. morrisonicola forest stand and also suggested J. morrisonicola were the dominant species with long
longevity at this area. All of results provide new information for further forest dynamic researches in the
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