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標題: 以嵌入式平台實現之資料加解密裝置
A Data Encryption and Decryption Device Implemented by An Embedded Platform
作者: 蔡志垣
Tsai, Chu-Yuan
關鍵字: Cryptography;密碼學;Security Mechanism;OpenBSD Cryptographic Frames (OCF);安全機制;OCF
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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Since the flourishing development of Internet, there are more and more applications on Internet. But when network uses more and more extensive, the privacy of personal materials getting more and more important. Thus, many kinds of security mechanism are used in various kinds of applications in cryptography. Unfortunately, although those mechanisms improvement the safe of material security, the overhead of system increases. This thesis using OCF to change hardware en/decrypt functionality provide by IXP425 into a device file, which will include into kernel support. OCF aims to bring full asynchronous HW/SW crypto acceleration to the Linux kernel and applications running under Linux. Using OCF can reduce overhead of system effectively and provide better performance.
其他識別: U0005-0908200722022500
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