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標題: 直接序列展頻系統之可變長度展頻與多重碼技術之研究
DS-CDMA Wireless Systems with Variable-Length Spreading and Multi-Code Techniques
作者: 莊勝凱
Juang, Sheng-Kai
關鍵字: DS-CDMA;直接序列展頻;variable-length spreading;multi-code;可變長度展頻;多重碼
出版社: 電機工程學系
近年來由於消費者對於無線傳輸服務之需求快速的增加,使得無線產品製造商不得不提供更新更好的產品來滿足消費大眾,因此第三代行動通訊IMT-2000 (International Mobile Telecommunication 2000) 應運而生,在眾多的提案中,WCDMA被認為是最有希望成為第三代行動通訊之標準的提案之一,在WCDMA 的系統架構中,為了提供多速率傳輸 (multiple-rate transmission) 的服務,可變長度展頻 (variable-length spreading) 以及多重碼 (multi-code) 為應用於WCDMA系統中的兩種主要技術,在本篇論文中我們會分析這兩種技術的效能表現並且加以比較,此外為了用更有效率的方法實現可變長度展頻碼 (OVSF code),一種將可變長度展頻碼以褐色碼(Gray code) 加以標籤的新方法也於此篇論文中提出。

The demand for all types of wireless services are continuous increasing in recent years. The third generation (3G) mobile system "International Mobile Telecommunication 2000 (IMT-2000)" is under development to meet these requirements. Among the proposals of IMT-2000, WCDMA is the most promising candidate. WCDMA chooses direct-sequence code-division multiple-access
(DS-CDMA) technique to provide the 3G services. In order to allow multiple-rate transmission, "variable-length spreading" and "multi-code" techniques are two major approaches used in WCDMA systems. In this thesis, we focus on the performance analysis of these two techniques. Moreover, to implement OVSF codes efficiently, a new approach to generate the OVSF codes
with Gray code labeling is proposed.
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