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標題: 在ARM926平臺移植Embedded Linux並實作BSP
Porting Embedded Linux and Building BSP to A New ARM926 Platform from Scratch
作者: 吳志峰
Wu, Chih-Feng
關鍵字: Kernel;SoC;BSP;Boot Loader;Jiffies;HZ;MMC
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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近幾年,嵌入式系統已經和我們的生活息息相關,從我們每天用的手機,到大型的飛行導航系統都是典型的嵌入式系統的應用,一套好的嵌入式系統的核心一定會有一個完善的作業系統,目前嵌入式系統中ARM是目前的主流,而Embedded Linux更是搭配ARM處理器的良好的產品解決方案。

SoC(System on Chip)是一個嵌入式系統的靈魂,當SoC設計完成後,接著必須一步一步的建立起整套系統,從開發環境、交叉編譯器、系統啟動載入程式、工具程式、作業系統核心移植、檔案系統、驅動程式開發到應用程式開發,缺一不可,而這也是IC設計公司要建立完整的產品解決方案不可或缺的過程。

本論文的目的是以上述的產品解決方案開發過程來移植ARMBOOT和Embedded Linux並開發驅動程式和應用程式,或許無法建立的十分完善,但重點是在整個的開發過程,了解整個過程後再加上單晶片設計的能力,相信對於自己本身以後的職業生涯會有很大的幫助。

Embedded system had closely linked to our life in recent years. From the cellular phone which we used daily to the navigator system of airplane, both are the typical application of embedded system. A good embedded system must have a complete operating system. ARM processor is the trend of embedded system at present. Embedded Linux with ARM processor is even the fine product solution.

SoC (System on Chip) is the spirit of embedded system. Once finishing the SoC design, then a complete system must be built step by step, from develop environment、cross compile、boot loader、OS (Operating System) kernel、file system、device driver to application, all the steps are necessary. This is also the fundamental process which an IC design house needs to build the complete product solution.

Porting ARMBOOT、Embedded Linux and developing BSP (Board Support Package) by above process is the main purpose of this thesis. Maybe the system can’t be built completely but the key point is the whole develop progress. I believe that realize the whole progress and have the design capability of SoC will help me a lot in my career.
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