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標題: 正反變化,詼詭奇譎:韓愈〈進學解〉章法結構及特色探究
作者: 李建福 
關鍵字: 韓愈;進學解;章法結構;正反變化;詼詭奇譎;風格特色
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 33, Page(s) 149-179.

The writing by Han Yua are all-inclusive, multi-formed and various-styled. In talking about his major characteristics, almost always, it is the review of critics- “Magnificence and masculine aesthetics both compose a melody for his writings”. There are, however, some separate writings in “synchronizing ambiguity with literalness by all too witty signifying”, the so-called alternative style, emphasizing feminine-delicate aesthetics. Why to it this way? One, some words was forced must not known to the public under the dictatorship. Another, the best writing is most to decoct much wisdom into plain metaphor words. My proposal will give the “An essay in persuading to proceed to learn” as an example: to present Han Yus’ alternatives style and aesthetics insight in writings, with multi-aspected discussion about “background”, “application of gathering material to skilful presentation”, “structures” and “theme of ambiguity and literalness”. Especially emphasize “application of gathering material to skilful presentation”, “structures” and “theme of ambiguity and literalness”, so as to witness Han Yus’ being both skilful and natural.
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