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標題: 定電位計與電化學微天平之設計和研製
Design and implementation of potentiostat and EQCM
作者: 江柏霖
關鍵字: 定電位計;Potentiostat;電化學石英晶體微天平;EQCM
出版社: 電機工程學系
本文主旨是利用結合PC-baesd控制平台,完成定電位計(Potentiostat),以此取代目前價錢甚為昂貴的CV-27型之電位計。憑藉著具有虛擬儀表的圖控語言LabVIEW與資料擷取功能的PCI card(DAQ card),可達到輸出激發電壓(D/A)、讀取訊號(A/D)如:電流、電壓……,即時數據分析和座標繪圖的功能。此技術上的突破,對於電化學的發展開拓了另一層的研究領域,同時更符合未來科技的需求。以循環伏特安培法之典型電化學分析法,利用本人自製的定電位計進行實驗,而所得到的數據與真正的實驗結果作比對,證實符合實際要求和準確性。

The thesis aims to develop a self-made potentiostat by using a man-machine language (LabVIEW) on the PC-based instrument plateform . By combining the data acquisition(DAQ) and analsis functions of the language, we can build specialized applications With virtual instrumentation. By means of electroanalytic chemistry (such as Cyclic Voltammetry(CV) and Potential step method(PS)), the experiment data can be gated to test and verify the self-made potentiostat machine .
The another important point of the thesis is to study Electronic Quartz Crystal Microbalance(EQCM). For a piezoelectric material, like quartz, an AT-cut quartz crystal can vibrates in thickness-shear mode of a certain frequency. By measuring the change of resonant frequency of QCM , the physical characteristic of the substance deposes on the surface of the electrodes can be understood. To match up Potentiostat, the machine can be named EQCM.
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