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標題: 變頻式油冷卻機之預估溫度控制
Predictive Temperature Control of a Variable-Frequency Oil-Cooling Machine
作者: 黃至宏
Huang, Chih-Hung
關鍵字: variable-frequency;變頻;oil-cooling machine;machine tool;油冷卻機;工具機
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文的目的在發展高速工具機專用變頻式油冷卻機之高性能溫度控制器之設計方法學與實現技術。油冷卻機之近似數學模型可由其開迴路步階響應資料所獲得,或可由遞迴最小平方法則 (Recursive Least-Squares Estimation Method) 來辨識未知的近似模型系統參數。為達到高精度與高性能的目標,本文依序提出三種預估控制策略:廣義預估控制 (Generalized Predictive Control)、間接自調適應控制 (Indirect Self-Tuning Adaptive Control) 及模型參考適應控制 (Model Reference Adaptive Control),並以個人電腦 (PC-based) 及數位信號處理器 (DSP-based) 來實現所提出的三種即時預估控制法則。實驗數據可證明本論文所提的三個方法,在設定點改變、固定負載及負載改變的情況下,皆有符合規格的溫度追蹤性能。

This thesis develops novel methodologies and techniques for design and implementation of a high-performance temperature controller of a variable-frequency oil-cooling machine, which is often suitable for high-speed manufacturing machines. The approximate mathematical model can be obtained from the open-loop step response data, or the unknown system parameters of the model can be identified using the recursive least-squares estimation method. To achieve the goals of high-precision and high-performance, the thesis presents three predictive control strategies, such as generalized predictive control, indirect self-tuning adaptive control, and stochastic model reference adaptive control. Three real-time predictive control algorithms are proposed and implemented using PC-based and DSP-based controllers. Through experimental results, all the three proposed set-point tracking methods have been proved to be capable of giving satisfactory performance under set-point changes, fixed loads, and load changes.
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