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標題: 有效的影像序列色彩轉換演算法
作者: 王宗銘 
關鍵字: 影像序列;色彩轉換演算法;色彩校正
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 14, Issue 3, Page(s) 187-198.
Transfer algorithm (ISCT). Two sets of images are required for the ISCT transformation algorithm. The first set is a single input image. The second set consists of three target images. The output of the ISCT transformation is a set of image sequence. Such image sequence provides features with slight difference from the input image. The ISCT transformation can be divided into three main steps including pre-processing, image sequence processing, and post-processing step. We implemented the ISCT transformation using C++ programming language and develop an ISCT prototype system with a friendly user interface. When entering the parameters required, the system proceeds the necessary calculations, and automatically produces the image sequence. Based on the frame rates specified by the user, the system play back the image sequence continuously providing user with immediate ISCT visual effect. We used two models as well as he Linear correlation and Parabolic Correlation to test the prototype system. We analyze the results using the root mean square method. Experimental results show that the ISCT transformation algorithm can successfully produce an image sequence with color transfer capability. In addition, the ISCT transformation is able to produce the image sequence within a short period of time, requiring 15 seconds to produce 30 images with 320�240 pixel resolution. In conclusion, given only four images, the proposed ISCT algorithm demonstrates the feasibility to automatically and effectively produce the output sequence with color-transferred visual effects. The algorithm can also be applied to multimedia, movies production and other media-rela ted fields.

本文提出一個有效的影像序列色彩轉換演算法,簡稱ISCT演算法(Image Sequences Color Transfer)。ISCT演算法之輸入為兩且影像;第一組為一張輸入影像,第二組為三張目標影像。ISCT演算法之出為一組影像序列,此影像序列具有色彩轉換,呈微小變化、符合給定關連性等特性。ISCT演算法之步驟分為前置處理、影像序列處理與後續處理常大步驟。我們以C++程式語言實現ISCT演算法,並發展出一個具有使用者介面(ISCT-UI)的影像序列色彩轉換實驗系統。使用者在介面中輸入ISCT演算法所需之參數,系統經過計算處理後自動產生影像序列。並可依照使用者訂定之每秒播出圖框數後,以連績方式播出影像序列,提供使用者即時視覺色彩轉換影像序列之結果。我們以兩個模型分別使用「線性關連性」與「拋物線關連性」對實驗系統作測試,並以均方根(RMS)機制分析影像序列間之變化結果。測試結果顯示:ISCT演算法確實可以個動產生一系列具有微小色彩轉換變化且符合給定關連性之影像序列。此外,ISCT演報可迅速的產生影像序列,平均僅約需15秒即可產生30張具320×240解析度之影像序列。總結本文,ISCT演報僅需使用四張影像即可自動、有效的產生符合使用者所規範的影像序列。ISCT演算法可應用於媒體製制、視訊產生、剪輯等領域。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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