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標題: 中毒和去毒:論柯立芝的忽必烈
Intoxication and Detoxication: Coleridge as a Modernist and Modernity in"Kubla Khan"
作者: 鄭冠榮
關鍵字: Modernity;現代性;Kubla Khan;Intoxication;Detoxication;Linear narrative;Romantic period;忽必烈;中毒;去毒;線性敘述;浪漫時期;Modernity;Kubla Khan;Intoxication;Detoxication;Linear narrative;Romantic period
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 37, Page(s) 345-363.
In the scenario of the Romantic period, “Kubla Khan” is a unique modernist work which is characterized with the juxtaposition of a Fragment with the poem—a new genre consisted of poem and prose. Next, a linear narrative is challenged both by the abrupt shifting of narrating persona in the Fragment and in the poem; that is, the third-person narrator swerves suddenly without any logic into the first-person. Further, Coleridge explicitly states the process of his taking anodyne because of “slight indisposition” while reading Purchas's Pilgrimage. He then falls asleep and in the dream he witnesses the magnificent ice palace of Kubla Khan, and transcribes the scenes accordingly into words after he wakes up. Unfortunately, he is interrupted by an unexpected friend from Porlock at this time. Anodyne enables Coleridge to become a shaman who transfigures himself by embarking upon a magic trip to an occult land and coming back with the abilities of prophecy, of problem-solving, and of creativity. “Kubla Khan” is thus a new genre which records the process of intoxication and detoxication that corresponds to that of modernization which, in its many sanguine aspects, emphasizes the enhancement of individual values such as dignity, health, self-consciousness, etc.

柯?芝的忽必? (Kubla Khan) 在?漫時期是一部相當獨特且具現代主義特色的作品。原因之一在於柯氏透過一頗像序言的?明-他自己名之為夢中奇景 (A Vision in a Dream) 或是片斷 (a Fragment) -?明他創作”忽必??的過程,並將此?明與詩並置 (juxtaposition),成就?一個新的文?。此種並置看似尋常,但詳細檢視其中?者?難發現序中的人稱敘述從第三人稱忽然轉為第一人稱,而此種轉向也相對的在詩的結構中被表現出?;此種對線性敘述 (linear narrative) 的挑戰,正是此詩具現代性的原因之二。原因之三是現代化的過程中建??個人的價值如尊嚴、健康和自我意?是重要指標。鴉片的服用使柯氏沉入迷?但生動的世界,並擺脫此種迷?需要有自我意?的覺醒,正是去毒的過程也是現代性其中之一重要面貌。
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