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標題: 《天祿琳琅》續編本寒山、拾得詩辨偽
作者: 葉珠紅
關鍵字: 寒山子詩集序;Preface of Han-shan-zi-peom;天祿宋本;寒山;拾得;collection;Tien-lu version in Sung Dynasty;Han-shan;Shih-te
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 37, Page(s) 165-185.

The same viewpoints from the scholars throughout the ages who studied HAN-SHAN-POEM are: 1. Poem No. 29 of SHISH-TE POEM (Knowledge and martial art for youths), were originally belonging to HAN-SHAN-POEM but was by mistake to be edited into the SHIH-TE-POEM; 2. With regard to SHIH-TE-POEM, in the different versions, it was existing the problem that varied on poem number, such as poem No. 43, 54, 56, 57, all of them thought that SHIH-TE-POEM were mixed with some forging works written by later age. The continued edition of (TIEN-LU-LIN-LANG), (FEN-KAN-SHIH-TE-POEM in HAN-SHAN-POEM) (called for short, (TIEN-LU) version of Sung Dynasty), are up to now recognized that are the best and complete version to collect HAN-SHAN-POEM, SHIH-TE-POEM, it was totally to contain 54 poems. The TIEN-LU in the version of Sung Dynasty, below the poem No. 39 (the monks that I saw). There was a note in small characters (The next 5 poems are the same as the front sentence of CHANG-CHIEH, and belong the poem No. 44 (Wine is cold in POJER), there was a note in small characters: (The followings are similar to HAN-SHAN-POEM and its meaning is concerned in each other.), The present scholars to study HAN-SHAN-POEM and SHIH-TE-POEM, all of them fail to discuss completely the two phrases in TIEN-LU of the version in Song Dynasty, which is really connecting with SHIH-TE-POEM, how many poems were belonging to the original explanation. This essay attempts to study based on these two phrase in TIEN-LU of the version in Sung Dynasty which poems between SHIH-TE-POEM were not written by SHIH-TE.
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