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標題: 明清小曲曲文傳衍之類型及原因析探
作者: 張繼光
關鍵字: Ming-Ching dynasty;明清;Xiao Qu;Su Qu;Folk songs;Derivation;小曲;俗曲;民歌;傳衍
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 37, Page(s) 1-46.

Xiao Qu has popularly spread in folk since it sprung up in the period of Shiuan-De of Ming dynasty. The lyrics of Xiao Qu has bred and changed continuously in long term spread. It has derived many different words with the same source. How many kinds of the generation of the different words? What is the reason about the difference and the derivation? What is the relation between the different derivation and the ebb and flow of Xiao Qu? This is a worth studying topic. This paper induces the types of the derivations through the searching, indexing and comparing with the literature about Xiao Qu preserving today. Dividing the derived lyrics into nine factors, at the same time, the relation between the different derivation and the ebb and flow of Xiao Qu is investigated in this study. We hope to deeply understand the derivational trace and the various rules of lyrics of Xiao Qu.
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