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標題: 梁漱溟的人生思想
作者: 經觀榮
關鍵字: 人生思想;Philosophy of life;生活體驗;自盡其心;可能性;梁漱溟;Experiences in real life;Doing everything with all one's heart;Possibility
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 37, Page(s) 67-98.

Liang Shu-Ming pointed out that he was concerned for two matters all his life. One is about life, and the other is about society. Moreover, concerning the relationship between them, the reform of the society must have to depend on the improvement of the attitudes towards life, or the effects will be limited. Because Liang Shu-Ming blends his thoughts into life, the significant concepts of life affect his daily behavior. This paper is a study of his philosophy of life. The first part indicates that all his concepts come from his experiences in real life. Instead of giving some vague and general thoughts, he tried to find answers to all kinds of problems in his life. The second part is to discuss some of his ideas. Firstly, a happy life is a life that should be smooth and fair. In addition, according to Confucius' teaching, the faith of doing everything with all one's heart, he maintains that everyone can act on his own. Furthermore, he puts emphasis on human relations based on ethics. People should respect each other all the time. Finally, he believes the possibility for all people to make progress of his own accord. Liang Shu-Ming puts the thoughts mentioned above into practice all his life.
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