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標題: 四相8/6極切換式磁阻馬達控制器
A four phase 8/6 pole switched reluctance motor controller
作者: 劉漢隆
關鍵字: 切換式;磁阻馬達
出版社: 電機工程學系
本文就切換式磁阻馬達(Switched Reluctance Motor, SRM)之機械結構、電磁特性及轉動原理等作定性與定量分析,進而建構SRM之動態模型,利用Matlab/Simulink電腦模擬程式輔助分析與驅動控制設計,針對四相8/6極SRM研製電力電子數位驅動器,最後完成切換式磁阻馬達控制系統硬體平台,並實現簡易的馬達運轉程序,做為未來發展高性能伺服驅動控制的基礎。

This paper aims to develop a switched reluctance motor (SRM) control platform. The platform consists of a SRM, an electric power drive, and a PC-based control unit. Analysis of a four phase 8/6-pole SRM is conducted by studying the mechanical structure, the electromagnetic characteristics, the driving principles, and the dynamic model. The four phase electric drive is implemented by power MOS. The control problem of a SRM is essentially a switching logic design problem for the stator (phase) windings. A certain switching pattern is found to drive the SRM. The switching pattern as well as the motor's analytical results are simulated in Matlab/Simulink as a basis for control design. Simple speed control algorithm are implemented using LabVIEW instrumentation tools FPGA and single chip to verify the proposed switching pattern and the control hardware platform.
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