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標題: 鍍層厚度對於以無電鍍法製備之鎳密封鍍層光纖機械強度及抗低溫熱應力之效應
作者: 楊嘉豪
關鍵字: 無電鍍法;密封鍍層;光纖;鎳
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page(s) 61-66.
In this work, hermetically nickel-coated optical fibers were prepared by electroless plating method. The bath composition of electroless nickel includes nickel sulfate, hydrocortisone sodium succinct, sodium hypophosphite and lead ion. The nickel coatings in a variety of thickness were uniformly deposited on the glass fiber surface by controlling the plating time. Atomic force microscope measurement revealed that the nickel film in thickness of 65 nm has the lowest surface roughness. Tensile strength of the nickel-coated optical fibers was measured by tensile test. The nickel-coated optical fibers resulted in a maximum tensile strength as the thickness of Ni-deposits in the range from 65 to 218 nm. Optical microscope was used to examine the thermal stress induced voids on the surface of nickel coatings after the nickel-coated optical fibers immersed in the liquid nitrogen for one day. A minimum number of stress voids was induced on the surface for the nickel coatings ranging the thickness from 65 to 218 nm.

本研究以無電鍍法製備鎳密封鍍層光纖。無電鎳鍍鍍成份包含硫酸鎳、珀酸鈉、次磷酸鈉及鉛離子。改變析鍍時間,分別製備出不同鍍層厚度的鎳鍍層光纖。以光學顯微鏡、掃描式電子顯微鏡與執華力顯微鏡,分別觀察鎳鍍層光纖的表面狀態、鍍層的膜厚及表面粗度。經由原子力顯微鏡的量測得知:當鍍層厚度為65nm時,有最的表面粗度,其平均粗度Ra為0.551nm。經由拉伸試驗:當鍍層厚度為65 nm至218 nm時,鎳密封鍍層光纖有最大的拉伸強度。將鎳鍍層光纖浸入液態氮一天後,經由光學顯微鏡觀熱應力誘發的裂縫,發弄鍍層厚度為65 nm至218 nm的鎳鍍層光纖表面有較少的裂縫。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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