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標題: 嵇康養生論探析
作者: 孫世民
關鍵字: Ji-Kang;魏晉;Body;Cultivate;嵇康;身體;修養
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 38, Page(s) 121-164.

By cultivating and refining of body to get Tao is proved that the body is really precious. That means the body is even more important than the world of human being. The cultivation of body is based on the Ji-Kang's opinion-the two worlds: the one is the world of human being which is dirty, dangerous, temporary and lastingless; the other is the world of recurring harmony which means eternity by exclusiveness into the origin of being and getting Tao. Ruling the country belongs to the world of human being, it is lastingless, dangerous and temporary that Ji-Kang didn't think to pursue it, he thought we should cultivate and refine our bodies to the metaphysical world. Ji-Kang considered that people should be the fairy to last the eternal body. Cultivating body is not only to let the body in harmonious mood to connected with the humanity and naturalism but also to get the Tao by cultivating the body to the metaphysical and eternal world that is searched by Ji-Kang. From this base, we can understand it easily what Ji-Kang considered that the body is more important than the world of the human being.
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