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標題: 試論稼軒豪放詞的美學意涵
作者: 趙國蓉
關鍵字: 辛棄疾;Hsin Ch'i-chi;豪放;詞;美感;Heroic abandon;Hao-fang;Tz'u poetry;Aesthetic feeling
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 38, Page(s) 165-195.
Hsin Ch'i-Chi, the classic writer of Sung Dynasty, has continuously received descendants' esteem and attention for his heroic abandon (hao-fang) tz'u poetry. His heroic abandon (hao-fang) tz'u poetry is highly appreciated mainly for the esthetic sense presented in his works. These works not only unfold the heroically bold and humorously uninhibited character, also manifest the depressingly melancholy with ambitions difficult to accomplish. And these characters all together form a charm of being unique and appealing. Therefore, this article will discuss the three related levels one by one. The first is to make clear the characteristics of heroic abandon (hao-fang) tz'u poetry, and that of Hsin Ch'i-Chi will be analyzed later. And finally the aesthetic implications in Hsin Ch'i-Chi's Tz'u poetry will be elaborated. Hopefully, through the above exploration and analysis, the diverse appearances and profound aesthetic implications in Hsin Ch'i-Chi's Tz'u poetry can be completely presented.

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