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標題: 論吳道子因妒殺人
作者: 葉珠紅
關鍵字: Li Tai Ming-hua Chi;歷代名畫記;Tang-ch'ao Ming-hua Lu;Yu Yang Tsa Tsu;Wu Tao-tzu;唐朝名畫錄;酉陽雜俎;吳道子
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 38, Page(s) 197-214.
WU TAO-TZU and CHU CHING-HSUAN's paintings in “TANG-CH'AO MING-HUA LU” were called 「Saint of painting”. CHANG YEN-YUAN “LI TAI MING-HUA CHI” stated that WU TAO-TZU ought to be a “Master of painting”. WU TAO-TZU got an excellent reputation because he had deeply obtained extracts from HSIEH HE of S. CHI state, therefore, he was called 「the founder」by the later age's painting, colored drawing and sculpture industry. His painting was regarded as the first contemporary one in the most important two painting reviews in Tang Dynasty. TUAN CHENG-SHIH “YU YANG TSA TSU” stated that WU TAO-TZU filed someone to kill HUANG FU-CHEN due to jealousy, so that a CHAO CHU and MIN CHU put on ‘TAN CHING FUN’. The purpose of this study is to discuss about “LI TAI MING-HUA CHI”written by CHANG YEN-YUAN, and to review that “WU TAO-TZU killed HUANG FU-CHEN” said by TUAN CHENG-SHIH was rumored according to the related comment on WU TAO-TZU and other related information before and after his death.

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