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標題: 韓牧(John Higham)與美國進步派史學
作者: 張弘毅
關鍵字: 韓牧;John Higham;進步派史學;美國;Higham;Progressive history;America
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 38, Page(s) 309-336.
本文主要是有關美國史家韓牧(John W. Higham, 1920-2003)及其所屬之美國進步派史學(American Progressive History)的介紹。美國進步派史學的主要概念包括:歷史相關論(relativism)、實用主義(pragmatism)、現實意識(presentism)與「衝突的」史觀("conflict" history)。韓牧是美國威斯康辛大學(University of Wisconsin)博士,1971年起長期執教美國約翰霍普金斯大學(Johns Hopkins University)歷史系,講授美國思想史等課程,1989年退休,並獲聘該校名譽教授。韓牧有兩本重要代表著作,一是1955年出版,討論美國移民史的《土地上的陌生人》(Strangers in the Land),一是1965年出版,描述美國專業史學發展與史學理論變遷的《美國史學史》(History)。

This essay aims to introduce the historian John Higham and the American Progressive History. The focus of the discourses just as follow: A) The origin of the American Progressive History, and it's very concepts of history such as relativism, pragmatism, presentism and the “conflict” history. B) John Higham, his major studies and two of his main works--Strangers in the Land (1955), and History: Professional Scholarship in America (1965). As Dorothy Ross said, John Higham is “a pathbreaking scholar of American culture and ethnicity and a leading critical voice in the discipline”.
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