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標題: PC-Based 昇壓型直流對直流轉換器之可變結構控制
Variable Structure Control of PC-Based Step-Up DC/DC Converters
作者: 胡啟村
關鍵字: 可變結構;直流對直流轉換器
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for design and implementation of a variable structure control step-up DC to DC converter using a self-manufactured ISA control card. For high power applications, it is recommended to use several standard DC to DC converter modules operating in parallel. Near-consistent current sharing without additional control can be accomplished only when the parallel converters have resembling characteristics and are very close to ideal current sources. Since the converters are rarely manufactured to be exactly the same, a control mechanism for current distribution in parallel connected DC to DC converters is presented. It uses a sliding mode controller (SMC) to realize both output currents to achieve output voltage regulation. The performance of a parallel step-up converter will be improved. The output voltage is robust against load disturbances .The desired output current tracking can be achieved.
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