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dc.description.abstractThe author writes this essay at the invitation of Taiwan Narrative Studies Association for an academic seminar, and it is also an issue that the author attempts to understand in addition to his researches and studies on "The Initial Relation between China and Germany". Especially in the special topics of "Chinese and the Western culture exchanges", most of the scholars emphasize on the study of "How the Western understand China?" or "What was the impression of China to the Western people?". On the contrary, the author pays more attention to the issues such as: "How the ancient Chinese understood the Western? Especially how they understood "Germany" or "German"? What was the Impression of "German" or "Germany" to ancient Chinese people? Regarding to these issues, the author further published an essay: "The Missionary Work of Catholicism in China During Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Initial Relation between China and Germany", and conducted a seminar "Review and Outlook of the Researches and Studies on the History of Communications between China and Europe since the Past 70 Years" held by the Department of History, Fu Jen Catholic University in August 2000. Furthermore, the author has made an application to the National Science Council, Executive Yuan in 2002 for the subsidy of his studies on the special plan "Views of ancient Chinese to Germany". For this reason, the author further attempts to discuss the issues on whether the ancient Chinese books and sketches recorded in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties had any narration to the distant "Germany" or "German" from what was learned by the author from the abovementioned essay and the special study plan? If yes, how were they recorded or narrated? Moreover, the author attempts now to undertake further researches and study on the topics, such as: "Whether such records and narrations had promoted the ancient Chinese literati officialdom to "know" or "understand" the "Germany" or "German?" and "Whether such narration had affected and changed the narrow global view of the ancient Chinese who believed that the Imperial China was the ruler of the whole world?"en_US
dc.relation興大人文學報, Volume 39, Page(s) 251-298.zh_TW
dc.subjectYuan dynastyen_US
dc.subjectMing dynastyen_US
dc.subjectChinese books and sketchesen_US
dc.subjectGerman imageen_US
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