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標題: 〈行路難〉體制分析與搭配曲調推究
作者: Lin,Jen-Yu
關鍵字: 行路難;Rugged Journey;樂府詩集;南朝歌辭;唐代歌辭;敦煌歌辭;Collection of songs and poems;Songs in the South dynasty;Songs in the Tang dynasty;Songs on the Dun-huang notes
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 39, Page(s) 135-165.

This paper is written to analyze the match tuner ways of the "Rugged Journey" 行路難 which on the Collection of Songs and Poems 樂府詩集, Collection of Poems in the Tang Dynasty 全唐詩, Dun-Huang notes and Written records of Sun-Huey 善慧大士語錄. The study topics include the written chances, the matched tuner chances, the matched tuner principles, formulas "You don't see"君不見and "Rugged Journey" matched tuner principles. According to this study, it can be seen that written chance come from the meaning of "Rugged Journey". The matched tuner chances depend on singers. The matched tuner principles included writing new tunes for the poems and matching ready-made tunes. Formulas "You don't see"君不見and "Rugged Journey" could be with leading or assistant tunes. This paper will offer information for the study of the songs and Poems in the South Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty.
ISSN: 1727-8562
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