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標題: 使用陰離子交換薄膜分離濃縮黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液中的維生素E
作者: 楊大青
關鍵字: 陰離子交換薄膜;黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液;維生素E
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 16, Issue 1, Page(s) 51-63.
Different commercial anion exchange membranes were applied for the concentration of vitamin E in soybean oil deodorizer distillat (SODD). The SODD employed in this study had been pretreated using supercritical fluid extraction to remove a large amount of free fatty acid. Isopropanol was used as the solvent for adsorption stage and methanol+acetic acid (4:1, V/V) and pure methanol as the eluents in two-step elution mode. In the batch performance, the weight percentage of vitamin E in SODD products was greatly increased in all of the three cases (SB6407, DE81, and MA3475 membranes). In particular, the use of SB6407 membrane led to the best concentration result by raising the weight percentage of vitamin E from 27.2% to 57.8~69.0%, which was superior to the performance for commercial anion exchange resin Amberlite? IRA900. in the flow adsorption experiment using a membrane disc module, SB6407 membranes also resulted in the highest vitamin E percentage (39.7~41.5%); but it was not as good as the batch performance.

本研究使用陰離子交換薄膜進行已先行去除大量游離脂肪酸的黃豆油脫臭蒸個液中維生素E之濃縮分離,吸附程序中以異丙醇為溶劑,以甲醇+醋酸(4:1,V/V)與甲醇兩階段脫附劑。批式吸附結果顯示:SB6407、DE81、與MA3475三種陰離子交換薄膜均可提升維生素E之重量百分比,尤其以SB6407薄膜所得之維生素E重量百分比提升到兩倍以上(由27.2%濃縮至57.8~69.0%),較Amberlite? IRA900陰離子交換樹脂之結果為佳。使用圖片型薄膜模組之流動吸附部分,結果顯示;使用SB6407薄謨獲致最佳的維生素E濃縮效果(提升至39.7~41.5%),但較批式程序之結果差。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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