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標題: 青女神話之流傳異變與原始面貌探論
作者: 林雪鈴
關鍵字: Qing-nu;青女;Frost myth;Wu-luo goddess;Sacred female;霜雪神話;武羅女神;青腰玉女;淮南天文訓
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 40, Page(s) 101-123.
Qing-nu is the goddess who takes charge of frost. The prototype of her is that she is a dark goddess who takes charge of feminine annihilation power. "Qing" means black and frost has the meaning of chill and death. The myth of Qing-nu originates from the ancient thought of "tian yang di yin". "Yin-qi" lies in "di" during spring and summer time. Fall is the key time when "yin" and "yang" take turns. The appearance of frost stands for the coming of annihilation. The so-called "di qi bu cang" and "qing-nu hua sha" in "huai nan tian wen xun" share the same idea. This article starts by tracing the various names of Qing-nu and then argues that the currently used names like "quing yao yu nu" or "qing yao yu nu" may be muffed distribution. Qing-Yao-Yu-Nu should be a sacred female in Qing Yao Mountain--Wu luo, and Quing-Yao-Yu-Nu should be the eastern Yu-nu in Taoism. Because Qing-nu has the connotation of black death, it receives another name Qing-Tien-Yu-Nu. It's also because of the same pronunciation of 夭, 要, and 腰, the terms are misused as ?要玉女 or ?腰玉女. By tracing back the changes of names, this paper tries to find out the variation and prototype of the Qing-nu's myth.

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