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標題: 柳翼謀《國史要義》中「春秋學」之成分及其特質
作者: 胡楚生
關鍵字: Yizheng Liu;柳詒徵;Yimou Liu;Main points of Chinese history;Shi Tong;General principle of literature and history;New historiography;柳翼謀;國史要義;史通;文史通義;新史學
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 40, Page(s) 1-37.

Yizheng Liu, also known as Yimou Liu, was a renowned contemporary historian. He had taught at Dongnan University and Central University; in addition he was one of the former curator of Jiangxu Province Chinese Learning Library as well as the first annual scholar of Sinica Academia. Among his writings on Chinese literature, History of Chinese Culture and Main Points of Chinese History is the most representative, while History of Chinese Culture a work written earlier in his life and was published in 1948, has been widely read and is dateless, Main Points of Chinese History, which was also published in 1948 amid the civil war between Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Nationalist Party, has yet received much attention from the academic circle. Built on the foundation of Shi Tong by Zhiji Liu in Tang Dynasty and General Principle of Literature and History by Xuezheng Zhang in Qing Dynasty, Main Points of Chinese History takes Confucian thought as the axle and constructs the new outlook of theory of Chinese history. This paper is divided into four sections: Section One summarizes Main Points of Chinese History. Section Two argues that Liu employs the data and theories of traditional Spring and Autumn Annals in nearly every chapter of Main Points of Chinese History. Section Three discusses the theoretical systems in Liu's books, especially his adaptation of Spring and Autumn Annals. The section then compares Liu's take on Spring and Autumn Annals valued with that of Zhiji Liu, Xuezheng Zhang and Qichao Liang, highlighting the differences among the theories by those scholars. Section Four concludes the essay by asserting the academic value of Main Points of Chinese History.
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