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標題: 原鄉再現與認同歧異:清代臺灣民變論析
作者: 王幼華
關鍵字: 清代臺灣;Ching dynasty's Taiwan;民變;認同歧異;Civil commotion;Identification diversity
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 40, Page(s) 241-276.
In Ching Dynasty, Taiwanese civil commotions were frequent, there were more than one hundred times during those two hundred years, and there are many writings about their causing reasons. However, it is short of discussion about the historical origin country background of people immigrated from Canton and Fukien provinces. This article firstly got together historical data about Ming and Ching periods, and described the difficult condition of people in these two provinces who had been living under the interweaving of invading and harass from Japanese pirates, sea pirates, bandits, and political variations. Secondary, quoted predecessors' relevant writings and statistical data, analyzed comprehensively, discussed in details about the sees and no-sees of those studies. Consequently proposed three viewpoints: 1. Anti-government actions. 2. Diversity of national identification. 3. Interactive influence of disorders from both sides of Taiwan Strait, and complemented the inadequacy of predecessors'; pointed out the reasons of Taiwanese unstable society in Ching Dynasty were: incomplete development of national sovereignty, social diversity, the return of origin country behavior model. Accordingly, explained the sticking points in between, performed deeper and more comprehensive discussion on Taiwanese civil commotion in Ching Dynasty.

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