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標題: 史部史鈔類的發展與標準:以《四庫全書總目》為核心
作者: 劉德明
關鍵字: 四庫全書總目;Siku Quanshu Zongmu;目錄分類;史鈔;史評;Catalogue classification;Historical extraction;Historical evaluation
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 41, Page(s) 1-21.
Bibliography not only records the names of books, it also reflects the kind of academic history at the same time. Siku Quanshu Zongmu is the most important book in the history of bibliography. This paper focuses on the "historical extraction" and discusses the forming of the bibliography history and how Siku Quanshu Zongmu views it. On the one hand, this paper discusses the forming process of "historical extraction" in history; on the other hand, it puts the appraisal on various "historical extraction" of Siku Quanshu Zongmu in order. Moreover this paper presents various criticisms the official of Si Ku Quan Shu Hall had of the "historical extraction" in detail. Furthermore, the reasons why Siku Quanshu Zongmu devalues 'historical extraction' and its criteria for it are also delved into.

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