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標題: 明初詞壇所反映之社會現象探究
作者: 陳盈妃
關鍵字: 明初;Early Ming Dynasty;明初詞人;明初詞作;明初詞壇;明太祖;Ci poets;Ci poems;Ci poetic society in the early Ming Dynasty;Ming Taizu
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 41, Page(s) 61-90.

The Ci poetry of the Ming Dynasty used to be ignored in the history of Chinese literature, but received more attention as The Collection of Ci Poetry of the Ming Dynasty was published. The Period of Hong-Wu (1368~1398A.D.) The Early Ming Dynasty was the period during which many good Ci poems were written. These poems should be explored. Influenced by the social context of the time, literary works tend to reflect the society then. To look into the Ci poets and poems of the Early Ming Dynasty, this study attempts to research the background of the Ci poetic society in the Early Ming Dynasty. The exploration into the aspects of religion, intellectuals' common practice, festivals, and economy shall sharpen the understanding of the social context of the Ci poetry in the Early Ming Dynasty and of the influence that the social context had on the Ci poets and poems. In the religious aspect, Ming Taizu strengthened the feudal autocracy with Buddhism and Taoism in the Early Ming Dynasty, so the two religions were popular enough to fill the Ci poetry with their linguistic terms and philosophies. In the aspect of intellectuals' common practice, the intellectuals tended to avoid the world with depression, composed Ci poetry at parties, described the natural scenery as symbols of some subjects, and praised the company of beauties and wine. In the aspect of festivals, both the noble and common people in the Ming Dynasty happily celebrated important traditional festivals. The Ci poems about the festivals in the Early Ming Dynasty can be divided into two groups. One group tended to celebrate the emperors' contribution and the traditional festivals, whereas the other group tended to incorporate their depressed feelings into the festival description. Lastly in the economic aspect, although people in the Early Ming Dynasty did suffer; however, as the wars ended, the society gradually prospered. The Ci poets also kept records of the process, from tragic scenes like human bones by the river bank and sad women waiting for the return of husbands from battlefields to comedic scenes such as prosperous agriculture and recovering economy.
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