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標題: 探討臺灣英語教育的迷思與爭議
作者: 嚴嘉琪
關鍵字: 全球化;Globalization;英語教學;世界性英語;英語為母語者;非以英語為母語者;English teaching and learning;World Englishes;Native speaker;Non-native speaker
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 41, Page(s) 201-214.
21世紀的今天,英語成?世界性語言已是不爭之實。在趨向同質化、無距離的全球化世界中,臺灣的英語學習熱潮似乎已經到了一個偏執,甚至是焦慮的地步。然而在英語教學學界,對於英語教育迷思的探討與批判並不多見,有鑑於此,本文期望藉由探討台灣英語教育的迷思與爭議,引發英語教學界的老師們有不同角度的思考。文中將針對在臺灣英語教育中四個具爭議的議題,逐一探討。第一、「理想的英語教師是以英語?母語人士」之爭議(Native Speaker Fallacy);第二、標準英語的迷思(Standard English);第三、語言的霸權文化(Linguistic Imperialism);第四、世界性英語(World Englishes)的興起。語言原是一種溝通的工具,讓人們能跨越文化的藩籬,而非另築一道無法穿越的牆,唯有釐清這些模稜良可的觀念,引領莘莘學子從這些迷思與爭議中不斷地反思,才能提出更正確的態度與方向,學習如何主控語言而非隨波逐流,進一步來保存我們自己語言、文化和族群的多樣性。

In the 21(superscript st) century, the status of English as a global language has firmly been established. As English learning in Taiwan has become a national campaign for many years, people are always anxious about their English proficiency. The myth such as English-learning equals to globalization, foreign language means English only, native English-speaking teachers are the only ideal English teachers, and the notion of "Standard English" remains widespread in our society. Study of this sort about myth and ideology hidden behind English teaching and learning is rarely discussed in Taiwan English education, thus it is the focus of this article to bring up these critical issues and hopefully initiate more insightful discourse in this area. The following issues are explored: 1). Native Speaker Fallacy; 2). Standard English; 3). Linguistic Imperialism; and 4). World Englishes. Language is a tool for communication. It is supposed to be a bridge connecting different cultures, not a wall to block the way. Through reflective discussion of this article, it is hoped that English teachers could recognize the prestige of our own language and culture, intellectually select what to reflect, and preserve the traditional and rich diversity of our own language, culture and ethnicity.
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