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標題: 美國臺灣移民的經濟發展析探
作者: 李巧雯
關鍵字: American Chinese;美國華人;New immigrants;Chinese economic;Taiwan immigrant industry;Transnational enterprise;Chinese interpersonal relationships network;新移民;華人經濟;臺灣移民產業;跨國企業;華人人際關係網絡
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 42, Page(s) 95-141.
After World War Ⅱ, the announcement of the America's New Immigrant Law in 1965, changed the national quota system of Asian immigrants, and emphasized family reunion and the demand of the American labor market. Between the 1960 to 70, it resulted in the arrival of many new immigrants from the Asia-Pacific area who had better education levels and a higher level of income and transformed the American-Chinese enclave style, the composition of occupations, and economic development. Taiwanese immigrants, who were students abroad and industrialist immigrants, entered America. They had capital and used their specialized talents in America to buy real estate and found industries, and urged American Chinese enterprises to diversify development. Using the Chinese economic field to expansion into the American mainstream economic field, Taiwan immigrant industries used an overseas Chinese interpersonal relationship network, which, for example, contained relatives and friends, native associations, alumni associations, and professional societies, and assisted them with funds, skills, and personnel, so they could venture and develop successfully in the fields of finance, real estate, hotels, and high-tech and biochemistry industries. Taiwan immigrant industries proceeded industries in tactically relationship and transnational cooperation; thereafter, transforming small and medium enterprises into multinational corporations. They contributed to Taiwan society after they succeeded and transplanted their experience to technique of study and development in America, thus linking the science and technology industries clustered in America, Taiwan, and China, and therefore advanced the international development of Taiwan's new economy.

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