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標題: 《鐵旗陣》「把子記載」研究
作者: 廖藤葉
關鍵字: Array of Iron Flag;鐵旗陣;Warriors of the Yang Clan;Bazi;Walk-On;楊家將;把子;龍套
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 43, Page(s) 143-170.

Despite abundant dramas featuring Warriors of the Yang Clan and studies of the tale of the famous YANG General's family, the episode of "Array of Iron Flag" has long been overlooked in this drama due to the fact it was a serial drama played in the inner palace during the Qing Dynasty of China. The current version is a handwritten copy from the inner palace of the Qing Dynasty copied by Zhou Mingtai and Ji Liju and the handwritten copy is characterized with "Record of Bazi" (Record of Sword and Spear Play). Taking the "Record of Bazi" as the center of research, this essay first compares the almanac of bazi actors with eunuchs holding official posts under the Shengping Bureau in the Qing Dynasty. The obtained records bazi are stage arrangement cues for the rendition presented in the 23rd year under the reign of the Daoguang Emperor, prior to conducting an analysis of the meaning of age to bazi actors. The second part of this essay shows records of bazi to be served as cues for the arrangement of props prepared for a smooth performance and the group division when practiced by a fast-moving partner and the sequence it appears on the stage. The third part of this paper aims to closely exam the terminology and cant of bazi, discussies the performance, ambiance of plot, and effect of rendition; while the fourth part of this essay focuses on comparing modern xiqu (Chinese traditional opera) stage arrangement with "Record of Bazi".
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