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標題: 互文、改編與讀者的閱讀生產:由陳若曦小說〈春遲〉中的性騷擾與阿Q 的關聯談起
作者: 廖淑芳
關鍵字: Chun Chi;春遲;A-Q Zheng Chuan;Sexual harassment;Intertextuality;Adoption;Reader;reading and producing;阿Q正傳;性騷擾;互文;改編;讀者;閱讀生產
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 43, Page(s) 171-190.
"Chun Chi", a story by Chen Ruo-Xi, tells the story of an old man who lives with his daughter after his wife dies, and who becomes so bored in his daily life because of the prohibitions during the period of the Cultural Revolution in Mainland China, then he sexually harasses a woman by mistake. This small mistake created a lot of troubles so that the old man nearly committed suicide. From Ou Yang Zi's point of view, this story has a defect, that is the characterization of this old man, especially his sudden behavior of sexual harassment. On the other hand, she also thinks that if the theme of this story is focused on social sarcasm and not characterization, the defect is inevitable, thus Ou Yang Zi doesn't feel satisfied. By comparing the event of sexual harassment along with the possibility of adoption between "Chun Chi" and "A-Q Zheng Chuan", this paper tries to illustrate how readers produce a new text and new meaning from reading and adopting an original text. Besides, I try to address why the event of sexual harassment in "Chun Chi" confused Ou Yang Zi so much; I argue that it might be she never thought about the intertexality between "Chun Chi" and "A-Q Zheng Chuan". As result, she cannot bring up a reaction or new interpretation about the story. In this paper, I also try to summarize mine and my students' discussions of "Chun Chi" on my school's website called "i-teach", which was run for my Modern Fiction class. This helps readers understand the complicated situations of intertextuality and the readers' possibility of producing a new text from reading.

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