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標題: 明清民歌中的戲曲相關手法初探
作者: 張繼光
關鍵字: Folk songs;民歌;Traditional opera;Gai-diao;Dai-ba;Dai-xi;Nian-chang;戲曲;改調;帶把;帶戲;念唱
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 43, Page(s) 105-141.

Traditional operas and folk songs are excellent representative literatures in the Ming and Ching dynasties. The natures of the traditional operas and the folk songs are similar, and the popular areas also closely resemble each other. Hence, there are many complicated entanglements between them that had great influence on their development. In this paper the author explores and discusses the relationship between traditional operas and folk songs in the Ming and Ching dynasties. I focus on the techniques in the folk songs in the Ming and Ching dynasties related to the traditional operas, and propose four relational techniques; "dai-xi", "nian-chang", "dai-ba", and "gai-diao". In addition to exploring the actual contents and skills of these techniques separately, this study also preliminarily analyzes and discusses the value that these techniques effect the development of folk songs.
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