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標題: 從西周戰爭銘文再探《詩經》征伐動詞
作者: 彭慧賢
關鍵字: 金文;Inscriptions of bronze vessels;詩經;戰爭詩;征伐動詞;The Book of Odes;War poems;The verbs concerning conquer
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 43, Page(s) 55-78.
This article is mainly a research approach of thinking deeply in Chinese "Landscape Poetry" and the compliment on landscape, then to discuss the factor about the late coinage of the Chinese term "Landscape Poetry". This paper explores the origin of Landscpae Poetry and describes the process of development. The purpose of this exploration is to attempt to redefine Chinese "Landscape Poetry" from the concepts of literary form and genre through past dynasties' general collection of literature and selected works. On the basis of this discussion, the author will investigation further the relationship between Chinese "Landscape Painting" and Written poems that praise landscape. The inflnence will be discussed in the conclusion with the factor about the late coinage of the Chinese term "Landscape Poetry".

《詩經‧六月》中「薄伐玁狁」一語,暨〈出車〉「薄伐西戎」皆有「薄伐」一詞,往昔毛、鄭均無注箋其義。自吳大澂首次論述「薄伐」與金文〈虢季子白盤〉之「[干尃]伐」詞義通用並受學界接納認同後,部分學者進一步將「薄伐」與「[?戈]伐」等詞彙,擴大解釋?同義詞。將《詩經》載錄之戰爭動詞,與西周時期鑄刻銅器上「征伐動詞」相互參照,勘證「薄伐」與「[?戈]伐」應係屬不同涵義之詞彙。首先,稽考出土銘文,金文〈[害夫]鐘〉及〈兮甲盤〉之「王□ (敦) 伐其至,[?戈] (撲) ?伐 (厥) 都」、「敢不用令,則即井 (刑) □ (撲) 伐」等句,前者具□ (敦) 伐」外,另見「撲伐」一詞;而〈禹鼎〉亦有「撲伐」、「敦伐」並載,可知不同詞彙功能不同,昔日解釋《詩經》內「薄伐」斷不能簡單解釋作銅器銘文「[業戈]伐」或□ (敦) 伐」。再者,比對《詩經》內〈小戎〉、〈六月〉與□方鼎〉之「征伐」,兩者詞義相同,昔日注疏家未能分析該詞彙之語意;故本文藉金文與《詩經》戰爭動詞間對比,得出青銅器銘文與《詩經》內不同戰爭類詞彙,彼此間強調部分不同,亦代表戰爭毀滅度、回擊強烈度。例「征伐」可解釋「討伐(敵人)而殺之」,該詞彙有表示動作順序(即先「征」後「伐」),「薄伐」則有強調「搏擊、搏鬥」之動作;而「□伐」用於憤怒回擊、「[業戈] 伐」則指將敵人殲滅殆盡。以上皆可藉助戰爭銘文、傳世文獻《詩經》內「征伐動詞」參照後,益證各詞彙間差異。
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