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標題: 朱翱反切所透露的語音訊息
作者: 張慧美
關鍵字: Fanqie of Zhu Ao;朱翱反切;Phonological information;音韻問題;語音訊息
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 44, Page(s) 139-156.
The research of what Shuo Wen Jie Zi Xi Zhuan quoted from Qing Dynasty Qiandaxin's preface for Xu. Daxu's Fanqie used Sunmian's. This article uses Zhuao's Fanqie. The phonic system is the same as Sunmian's Fanqie, but Fanqie is quite different. Sunmian's Fanqie is separated by category. Use the phonic of the merger, Zhuao is quite different from Daxu. Xuxuan uses Sunmian's Fanqie of Tangyun. Xuxuan's Fanqie is very similar to Guangyun. Zhuao alone fails to comply with Tangyun. Perhaps he is based on the prevailing voice and make Fanqie. This is important information in the history of voice and worth careful study. This article is based on the Fanqie of Zhuao and includes: (1) From Zhuao's Fanqie clearly distinction between the word p-t-k and Plosive Rhyme that do not mix. (2) From Zhuao's Fanqie clearly distinction between Voiced Shangsheng unchanged Qusheng. (3) From Zhuao's Fanqie third and fourth rhyme signs of convergence. In addition, Zhuao's Fanqie have been revealed in other voice messages.

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