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標題: 金門、澎湖孰重?論明代福建泉州海防佈署重心之移轉(1368-1598年)
作者: 何孟興
關鍵字: Kin-Men;金門;Peng-Hu;Peng-Hu armada;澎湖;澎湖遊兵
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 44, Page(s) 179-206.

Kin-Men and Peng-Hu Islands are two essential islands of the Fu-Jian coastal area. During the reign of Hong-Wu, 1368 AD to 1398 AD, the Ming government established a police and military force on Kin-Men Island, and stationed the navel vessels in Liao-Luo Bay, Kin-Men to defend the territorial waters. However, the Ming government abandoned its governance over Peng-Hu, which is isolated in the sea, and forced the people on Peng-Hu Island to move back to the mainland. In the later period of the reign of Jia-Jing, 1522 AD to 1566 AD, when Peng-Hu became the gathering place of pirates before they made incursions, the Ming government started to pay more attention to Peng-Hu. This was the turning point of the development of Peng-Hu, which caused the establishment of the Peng-Hu Armada in the middle period of the reign of Wan-Li, 1573 AD to 1620 AD. Besides, this event also led to the transfer of the coastal defense of Quan-Zhou area from Kin-Men to Peng-Hu Islands and moving the navel defense line to the Taiwan Strait.
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