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標題: 快閃記憶體之新型1.8伏電流模式感測放大器
A New 1.8V Current Mode Sense Amplifier for Flash Memories
作者: 梁甫年
Liang, Funian
關鍵字: flash;快閃式;memories;sense;amplifier;curren mode;記憶體;感測;放大器;電流模式
出版社: 電機工程學系
在很多應用中,諸如可攜式MP3播放機、手機、數位相機以及其它手提設備,快閃記憶體被廣範地使用作為聲音和影像資訊的儲存媒介。相似於其它種記憶體,高密度、低成本和低功率記憶體的需求一直在成長。近來,由Intel提出的Multilevel Cell技術,可使快閃記憶體實現高容量和低成本的目的,特別引人注意。
本論文中,我們提出一個應用於多級快閃記憶體之新型的電流模式感測放大器。此感測電路結構建立在平行式判別方法的基礎上,可達到高速度和低功率消耗的目的。我們採用TSMC 1P3M 0.6mm的製程技術來完成測試晶片的製作。量測到的結果與模擬結果相符合。

In many applications, such as portable MP3 players, cellular phones, digital cameras, and other hand-held equipments, flash memories have been widely used as a media for mass storage of audio and video information. Similar to other memories, there is a growing demand for high-density, low-cost and low-power memory cells. Recently, the multilevel cell technique introduced by Intel Corp. realizing high capacity and low-cost flash memories, draw many people's attention.
In this work, we present a novel current mode sense amplifier for multilevel flash memories. The sensing scheme based on the parallel approach achieves high-speed and low power dissipation. A test chip of the circuit has been integrated in TSMC 1P3M 0.6mm process. The measurement results are tally with the simulation.
In order to reduce operation voltage without decreasing the performance, we propose a new 1.8V current mode sensing mechanism instead of conventional voltage mode read circuit. This circuit greatly reduces the delay's dependence on the supply voltage.
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