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標題: 陳丁奇書學淵源探析
作者: 李郁周
關鍵字: Chen Ding-chi;陳丁奇;Calligraphy theory;Shiau Chi-chung;Wang Chuang-wei;Shih Tzu-chen;書學;蕭錡忠;王壯為;史紫忱
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 46, Page(s) 67-93.
The Taiwanese senior calligrapher, Chen Ding-chi, was one of the few calligraphers who could create calligraphy, contribute to calligraphy education, and build a theory of calligraphy of the 20(superscript th) century. His achievements in the field of calligraphy can be examined within the four delicate published calligraphical discography. Furthermore, his calligraphy educational achievements can be seen in his disciples who currently teach calligraphy courses in Taiwan universities. Finally, his calligraphical theory can be validated by his two publications.Theses and dissertations about Chen Ding-chi's calligraphical creations, calligraphy education, and calligraphical theory are abundant; however there are few that can trace original sources. Chen Ding-chi's calligraphical theory is taken from an artistic point of view in which he took creative consciousness as the attribution. Calligraphical theory and calligraphy education both served as his calligraphical creations. Therefore, there were much discourse about the art expression of calligraphy and the formation of beautiful calligraphy. The thesis takes "The Study on Chen Ding-chi's Calligraphy Theory Source" as the title. It traces the source on how the theory formed.Chen Ding-chi's life can be divided into two stages: the Japanese Colonial Period and the post-retrocession of Taiwan. Comparing Japanese calligraphers' calligraphical publication which he read with Chen Ding-chi's calligraphical thesis, Chen Ding-chi's calligraphical theory was most influenced by Sato Ryuichi, Tsujimoto Shiyu, Kamijo Shinzan, and Ishibashi Saisui. Chen Ding-chi's book, The Summary of Calligraphy Education, combines these above mentioned calligraphers' points of views. Meanwhile, this thesis compares Shiau Chi-chung, Wang Chuang-wei, and Shih Tzu-chen's calligraphy theory with Chen Ding-chi's. Chen Ding-chi's calligraphical achievements and calligraphical creation are both outstanding, and his influence last into the future.

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